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Cancer Support Services - Southern Health & Social Care Trust

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Cancer is the leading cause of death in Northern Ireland, with 4,255 deaths reported in 2015. The most common types of cancer diagnosed are breast, See more..

Address: Craigavon Area Hospital, , 68 Lurgan Road, , Portadown, Co Armagh, BT63 5QQ

Phone:028 3833 4444

Cancer Support Services - South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust

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Clinical Psychology for Cancer Patients:

The aim of this service is to promote psychological well-being and pro See more..

Address: Trust Headquarters, Ulster Hospital, Upper Newtownards Road , Dundonald, Belfast , Co Antrim, BT16 1RH

Phone:(028) 9048 4511

Cancer Support Services - Western Health & Social Care Trust

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Cancer Support in the West:

We want to ensure and encourage people who have been affected by cancer to seek and See more..

Address: Altangelvin Hopital, Glenshane Road, Derry, Co Derry, BT48 6SB

Phone:02871 345171

Cancer Support Services - Belfast Health & Social Care Trust

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Living with cancer can bring many unforeseen hardships to cancer patients and those around them. The Belfast Trust pr See more..

Address: Royal Victoria Hospital, 274 Grosvenor Road, , Belfast, Co Antrim, BT12 6BA

Phone:028 9024 0503

HIVE (Cancer Support)

HIVE Cancer Support Service

Hive Cancer Support Group will endeavour to support all cancer sufferers , their family members and carers through the provision of vital services See more..

Address: The Gasyard Centre, 128 Lecky Road, Derry, Co Derry, BT486NP

Phone:02871 7414004 Email

NIPANC (Northern Ireland Pancreatic Cancer)


One of NIPANC's three aims is to support those who have been impacted by a Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis.

This support can be provided to the p See more..

Address: 384 Belmont Road,, Belfast, Co Antrim, BT4 2NF

Phone:077 4503 5831 Email

Pancreatic Cancer UK

Pancreatic Cancer UK image

We’re here for everyone affected by pancreatic cancer.

You don’t have to face pancreatic cancer alone. A diagnosis can be a terrible shock, See more..

Address: Queen Elizabeth House, 4 St Dunstan’s Hill, ., Co London, EC3R 8AD

Phone:0808 801 0707 Email

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower

Sunflower with hidden disabilities wording

Some disabilities, conditions or chronic illnesses are not immediately obvious to others. For some people, this can make it hard to understand and See more..

Address: ,, ,, ,, Co .

Cancer Focus Northern Ireland (Belfast)

Cancer Focus NI

We provide care and support services for cancer patients and their families; offer a range of cancer prevention programmes to help people lessen th See more..

Address: 40-44 Eglantine Avenue, Belfast, Co Antrim, BT9 6DX

Phone:028 9066 3281 or 078 2514 7919 Email

Marie Curie Hospice (Belfast)

Marie Curie NI

The Marie Curie Patient and Family Support Team offer emotional, spiritual, psychological and practical support to patients, families and carers im See more..

Address: Kensington Road, Belfast, Co Antrim, BT5 6NF

Phone: 028 9088 2000 Email

Northern Ireland Children's Hospice (Newtownabbey)

NI Hospice

Northern Ireland Children's Hospice provides planned and emergency respite, nursing care, and social and emotional support for children and young p See more..

Address: Horizon House, 18 O'Neill Road, Newtownabbey, Co Antrim, BT36 6WB

Phone:028 9077 7635 Email

Cancer Lifeline

Cancer Lifeline

Cancer Lifeline supports people affected by cancer in North Belfast. This means we can support the person who is diagnosed as well as their family See more..

Address: 42 - 44 Alliance Avenue, Belfast, Co Antrim, BT14 7PJ

Phone:028 9035 1999 or 079 4910 9091 Email

Cancer Fund for Children

Cancer Fund For Children

Cancer Fund for Children is here for children and young people diagnosed with cancer or living with a parent with cancer. We offer support to famil See more..

Address: Curlew Pavilion, Portside Business Park, Airport Road West, Belfast, Co Antrim, BT3 9ED

Phone:028 9080 5599 Email

Foyle Hospice Children and Young People Bereavement Support (Derry)

Foyle Hospice

Foyle Hospice provides bereavement support to children and adults in the northern sector of the Western Health and Social Care Trust (WHSCT), who m See more..

Address: 61 Culmore Road, Derry, Co Derry, BT48 8JE

Phone:028 7135 1010 Email

Action Cancer (Northern Ireland) - Belfast

Action Cancer

Action Cancer provides a range of free support services across Northern Ireland including: breast screening (age 40-49 and 70+); skin cancer detect See more..

Address: Action Cancer House, 20 Windsor Avenue, Belfast, Co Antrim, BT9 6EE

Phone:028 9080 3344 Email

Young Lives vs Cancer (Belfast) Central Support

Young Lives vs Cancer

When a child is diagnosed with cancer it threatens everything, for them and their family. At a time when they should be busy being children, enjoyi See more..

Address: 25 Elmwood Mews, Elmwood Avenue, Belfast, Co Antrim, BT9 6FA

Phone:0300 303 5220 Email

Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support

If you’re affected by cancer, we offer high quality information and support to help you understand and manage your condition, signposting to other See more..

Address: n/a, Co n/a

Phone:0808 808 0000 (8am to 8pm) Email

Macmillan Support & Information Centre - Royal Victoria Hospital (Belfast Trust Area)

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BCH, 77-81 Lisburn Road, Belfast, Co Antrim, BT9 7AB

RVH , Level 2 Royal Victoria Hospital, Grosvenor Road, Belfast, Co Antrim, BT12 6BA

See more..

Address: Level 2 Royal Victoria Hospital, Grosvenor Road, .Belfast, Co Antrim, BT12 6BA

Phone:029 6151 1751 Email

Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Centre (Northern Trust Area)

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Finding out that you or someone close to you has cancer can be a difficult and confusing time. The Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Service See more..

Address: Fern House, Antrim Area Hospital, Bush Road, Antrim, Co Antrim, BT41 2RL

Phone:028 9442 4000 ext 333079 or Mobile: 077 9584 5435 Email

Macmillan Information and Support Centre (South Eastern Trust Area)

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The Macmillan Health and Wellbeing Service aims to provide information and support on all of the broader issues that someone must deal with whilst See more..

Address: 2nd Floor, Macmillan Unit, Ambulatory Care Centre, Ulster Hospital, Upper Newtownards Road, Dundonald, Co Belfast, BT16 1RH

Phone:028 9055 3246 Email

Macmillan/Northwest Welfare Advice Service (Western Trust Area)

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The Macmillan Information and Support Service provides information and support for anyone affected by cancer, those who have questions or queries a See more..

Address: Office 2, Sperrin Suite, Altnagelvin Area Hospital, Derry, Co Derry, BT47 6SB

Phone:028 7132 0105 Email

Northern Ireland Cancer Network (NICaN)


The Northern Ireland Cancer Network was formed to ensure that cancer services continued to develop on an equitable basis across Northern Ireland. I See more..

Address: 1st Floor, SPPG, Linenhall Street , Belfast , Co Down, BT2 8BS

Phone:028 9536 3305 Email

Macmillan Support and Information Centre - Belfast City Hospital (Belfast Trust Area)

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BCH, 77-81 Lisburn Road, Belfast, Co Antrim, BT9 7AB

RVH , Level 2 Royal Victoria Hospital, Grosvenor Road, Belfast, Co Antrim, BT12 6BA See more..

Address: 77-81 Lisburn Road, Belfast, Co Antrim, BT9 7AB

Phone:028 9615 0077 Email

Bandanas For The Brave - N Ireland

Bandanas for the Brave

Bandanas for the Brave exists to support and assist children, teenagers and adults living with cancer.

Every year in Northern Ireland ther See more..

Address: Unit 2 , 30 Rosneath Gardens, Dundonald, Co Down, BT16 1UN

Phone:07888680987 Email

Cancer Focus NI - Nurseline

Cancer Focus NI

We believe that it helps to talk – especially when it comes to concerns about cancer. Cancer Focus NI is the only local cancer charity to provi See more..

Address: Cancer Focus Northern Ireland, 40-44 Eglantine Avenue, Belfast, Co Antrim, BT9 6DX

Phone:0800 783 3339 Email