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St Lukes Family Centre (Belfast)

We offer support to families in the community through our parents drop in and programme of activities which are supported by our daily cerche facility See more..

Address: Cara House, Twinbrook Road, Belfast, BT17 0RL

Phone:028 9060 3610 Email

Westland Community Group (Belfast)

The WCG although a small organisation with a small population, provide family support mainly through sign posting. We have the resources to help fami See more..

Address: 119 Old Westland Road, Belfast, BT14 6TE

Tamba NI (Belfast)

Tamba is the only organisation in Northern Ireland which is dedicated to providing information and mutual support networks to families with twins, tr See more..

Address: NICVA Offices, 61 Duncairn Gardens, Belfast, BT15 2GB

Phone:07525 117 010 Email

Family Intervention Team (Belfast) - South Eastern Trust

To safeguard and promote best outcomes for children and families through the provision of a professional, accountable and quality social work service. See more..

Address: Stewartstown Road Health Centre, 212 Stewartstown Road, Dumurry, Belfast, Co Antrim, BT17 0FB

Phone:028 9060 2705

St Vincent De Paul (Northern Ireland) - Belfast

Our work through person to person contact encompasses support that alleviates suffering. We believe that everyone should have the means to live a See more..

Address: 196-200 Antrim Road, Belfast, Co Antrim, BT15 2AJ

Phone:028 9035 1561 Email

Cloona Child Contact Centre (Belfast)

Cloona Child Contact Services provides a neutral safe space for children to meet and maintain contact with a non-resident parent, grandparent, other s See more..

Address: 124 Stewartstown Road , Belfast, BT11 9JQ

Phone:07887391607 Email

Child Contact Centre (Belfast Central)

A Child Contact Centre is a safe, friendly and neutral place where children of separated families can spend time with one or both parents, and sometim See more..

Address: Small Wonders 2, 17 Morpeth Street, Belfast, Co Antrim, BT13 2HZ

Phone:078 6470 9598 Email

Home-Start NI (Regional Office) - Belfast

Home-Start visits families in their own homes by offering support, friendship and practical help to parents with young children. To Home-Start, each f See more..

Address: NICVA Building, 61 Duncairn Gardens, Belfast, BT15 2GB

Phone:077 4748 7938 Email

Home-Start - East and South Belfast

Home visiting and support for families with children under 5 years experiencing some type of stress including, health, multiple births, single parents See more..

Address: 140 Albertbridge Road, Belfast, Co Antrim, BT5 4GS

Phone:028 9045 9429 Email

Home-Start - North Belfast

Home-Start North Belfast is a voluntary charity which aims to provide non-judgemental practical and emotional support to parents who have children und See more..

Address: Jolly Roger Complex, 85 Alliance Road, Belfast, Co Antrim, BT14 7JE

Phone:028 9074 8835 Email

Salvation Army (Belfast)

Thorndale is a residential family centre providing accommodation with varying levels of support to 38 families. 2 main programmes of care provided ar See more..

Address: Thorndale Families Centre and Women's Hostel, 8 Duncairn Avenue, Belfast, Co Antrim, BT14 6BP

Phone:028 9035 1900 Email

Beersbridge Family Centre (Belfast)

Our aim is to provide a skilled response with an emphasis on maintaining children in their families and communities through strengthening parent capac See more..

Address: 216 Woodstock Road, Belfast, BT6 9DL

Phone:028 9504 2765 Email

Board of Social Witness (Belfast)

1. Child Protection Training for leaders, ministers, youth workers, designated persons, social media training. 2. A range of projects that assist fam See more..

Address: Board of Social Witness Church House, Assembly Buildings, 2-10 Fisherwick Place, Belfast, Co Antrim, BT1 6DW

Phone:028 9041 7234 Email

Care for the Family (Northern Ireland) - Belfast

Care for the Family aims to strengthen family life and help those who face family difficulties, through a variety of family building events, courses a See more..

Address: Tovey House, Cleppa Park , Newport , Co Newport , NP10 8BA

Phone:028 9262 8050 Email

Colin Neighbourhood Partnership (Belfast)

Colin Neighbourhood Partnership (CNP) is an award-winning Neighbourhood Renewal organisation based in the Colin area of West Belfast. The Partnership See more..

Address: 31 Colin Road, Poleglass, Belfast, Co Antrim, BT17 0LG

Phone:028 9062 3813 Email

Newtownards Road Womens Group Ltd (Belfast)

Toddler Group; Respite Creche; Playgroup; Pre-school; Pre-school; afterschool; family support; training/information sessions on behaviour; management; See more..

Address: Carew II Family Centre, 15 Tamar Street, Belfast, BT4 1HS

Phone:028 9045 1730 Email

Intensive Family Support (Shankill Road) - Belfast Trust

The intensive adolescent support team is a statutory team, offering intensive social work involvement for young people aged 13 to 18. It covers famil See more..

Address: Shankill Well Being & Treatment Centre, 83 Shankill Road , Belfast, BT13 1FD

Phone:028 9504 0369 Email

Family Support (Arches Wellbeing and Treatment Centre) - Belfast Trust

The Wellbeing and Treatment Centre with its one stop approach for the first time brings together under one roof treatment, care and information ser See more..

Address: Wellbeing and Treatment Centre, 1 Westminster Avenue, Belfast, Co Antrim, BT4 1NS

Phone:028 9504 2320 Email

Family Support (Knockbreda Wellbeing and Treatment Centre) - Belfast Trust

The Centre is located opposite Forestside Shopping Centre. Pedestrian entrance to the building is via the lower ground floor from the Upper Knockbreda See more..

Address: Wellbeing and Treatment Centre, 110 Saintfield Road, Belfast, BT8 6GR

Phone:028 9504 4450 Email

Family Support (Beech Hall Wellbeing and Treatment Centre) - Belfast Trust

Services provided in the Centre: Telephone Number Child & School Health (028) 9504 0309 Dental (028) 9504 0319 Family & Child Care See more..

Address: Wellbeing and Treatment Centre, 21 Andersonstown Road , Belfast, BT11 9AF

Phone:028 9504 0303

Family Support (Bradbury Wellbeing and Treatment Centre) - Belfast Trust

Service provided in the Centre Trust Services Telephone Numbers Breast Care Service 9091 2064 Cardiac Rehabilitation Service 9026 3826 Children See more..

Address: Bradbury Wellbeing and Treatment Centre, 1-17 Lisburn Road , Belfast, Co Antrim, BT9 7AA

Phone:028 9504 2310 Email

Northern Ireland Alternatives - Belfast

Background Northern Ireland Alternatives (NIA) is a community safety organisation that since its inception in 2000 has delivered all of its services See more..

Address: 137 Agnes Street , Belfast , BT13 GG

Phone:028 9031 1420 Email

Cliftonville Community Centre (Belfast)

Current services being provided include a Carer and Toddler group 2 mornings a week, afterschool’s club 5 afternoons a week, youth club 5 evenings per See more..

Address: 60-64 Manor Street, Belfast, Co Antrim, BT14 6EA

Phone:028 9074 9332 Email

Family Support Hub (Inner East Belfast) Belfast Outcomes Area

During Covid 19 - The Family Support Hubs continue to be open for referrals during the current situation. They will try to access Family Support See more..

Address: East Belfast Alternatives, Isthmus House, Isthmus Street, Belfast, Co Antrim, BT6 9AS

Phone:028 9045 6766 Email

Family Support Hub (Upper Springfield and Whiterock) - Belfast Outcomes Area

Family support hubs provide early intervention family support services to vulnerable families and children aged 0-18. A Family Support Hub is a mu See more..

Address: Whiterock Childrens Centre, 91 Whiterock Road, Belfast, Co Antrim, BT12 7PG

Phone:028 9043 8438 Email