Guides to Support Adults with Sensory Disabilities

Guides for Sensory Disabilities

Two new guides to support adults with sensory disabilities in Northern Ireland have been launched.

Known as ‘care pathways’, the new resources map out the care and treatment users can expect from professionals and support organisations to help them manage their conditions.

They are aimed at those who are deaf, have hearing loss or tinnitus, and those with sight loss or who have experienced difficulty with their vision, to enable them to access the help they need more easily.

The pathways include a step-by-step process from referral, through diagnosis, assessment and treatment, to community support and specialist services.

They have been designed in collaboration with users and their families and delivered by the Regional Sensory Impairment Group, which brings together users, community and voluntary sector organisations and health and social care professionals to focus on improving services and support for people with sensory disabilities.

The Care Pathways are available to download on the Physical and Sensory Disability section of the SPPG website.

Last Updated: 04/07/2024