A Guide to help YOU on your journey through Disability/Additional Needs

Our Journey Through Disability

The Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership (CYPSP), in association with parents of children with disabilities and young people with additional needs has launched a new publication titled : ‘A guide to help you on your Journey through Disability/Additional needs.’

CYPSP worked with parents from across Northern Ireland, community, voluntary and other statutory agencies to identify key information for the publication is based on the guidance provided by parents through their lived experience.

Parents can download the guide here :-

A guide to help you on your Journey through Disability/Additional needs

In association with Barnardo’s PosAbility Group, a supporting booklet titled ‘All about Me’ has been produced by CYPSP.

This is a template that will hold information on the person with additional needs/disability, providing key information on their personal details. For example, diet and allergies; medical information; likes and dislikes; therapy and personal care, equipment used and any further information relevant, which the child/young person can take with them when attending e.g. a youth club, school, health appointment, afterschool activity, when with childminders and other family members who help care for them.

This booklet can be accessed here :- All About Me

Last Updated: 07/07/2023