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This section includes information and support for prisoners and their families.

Services listed for Prison Support Services


NIACRO is a voluntary organisation which has been working for nearly 50 years to reduce crime and its impact on people and communities and do this by providing services to children and young people, families affected by imprisonment, and adults in prison and in the community. Visit our website for a list of services and office locations across Northern Ireland.

NIACRO’s Families and Money Matters (FAMM) project delivers debt and money management advice to families of people in prison and those on probation. It supports families who are not engaging with mainstream debt advice services and who have a relative who has either recently entered custody or is nearing their release date.

Barnardo’s NI Parenting Matters Service

Barnardo’s Activity Books For Children Visiting Prison  is  a resource for children to help them feel more at ease when they are visiting a relative in prison.

The activity books are currently available for all children and young people visiting a parent or relative in prison and are available from prison staff at all NI Prison Service visits or any of the Barnardo’s workers.

Northern Ireland Prison Service

Department of Justice - The Northern Ireland Prison Service  provides advice about prison life, prison reform, the prison estate, management issues and family contact.

Housing Advice

There are many different organisations that work to support and help prisoners, ex-offenders and their families with their housing needs during and following the prison term:-

Support in prison and after release


NI Prisoners' Families Helpline  0808 808 2003 

Monday-Friday 8am to 9pm

Saturday and Sunday 10am too 3pm

For advice and support on all aspects of arrest, going to court and prison

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