Accessing the CCP Training Programme

Accessing the CCP Training Programme
Accessing the CCP Training Programme

The five Childcare Partnerships provide training opportunities for practitioners working within in registered childcare settings across Northern Ireland with the aim of supporting quality play and learning experiences for children 0-12 years.

Registered childcare services include Out of School provision, Childminders, Day Care Nurseries, Playgroups and Crèches.

Training needs are established through provider consultation and by seeking the views of regional membership organisations and other relevant stakeholders.

A formal procurement process is utilised to ensure the training is of high quality and cost effective.

The content of the training programme reflects the mandatory requirements within the Minimum Standards for Childminding and Day Care for Children Under Age 12 (DHSS&PS 2012) and also provides access to additional learning opportunities and continuous professional development opportunities for staff working within the childcare sector.

The Childcare Partnerships have developed an online system to profile the Regional Childcare Partnership Training Programme.

You will need to register and create a portfolio to access courses.

• View and register for Childcare Partnership (CCP) Training courses

• Sourcing Core Training Guide 

Last Updated: 24/02/2023