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Find child protection contact details, followed by contact details of other useful early years organisations

Child Protection Contacts:


Need to Talk?

If you are a child or young person and need to talk to someone, you can call Childline free on 0800 1111 at any time, or chat online: www.childline.org.uk

Gateway Teams

Worried about the Welfare of a Child?

If you are concerned about the welfare of a child or young person not already known to social services, contact Gateway Teams. Telephone lines are open Mon – Fri 9.00am-5.00pm (ex Public Holidays).

Further contact details for referrals:

  • Belfast HSC Trust Tel: 028 9050 7000
  • South Eastern HSC Trust Tel: 0300 1000 300
  • Northern HSC Trust Tel: 0300 1234 333
  • Southern HSC Trust: Tel: 0800 7837 745
  • Western HSC Trust Tel: 028 7131 4090

Regional Emergency Social Work Number: 028 9504 9999              

  • For situations that require an emergency out of hours social work response (5pm to 9am Monday to Friday and 24 hours at weekends and public holidays)

NI Child Sexual Exploitation

If you suspect a child or young person is in immediate danger, telephone 999.

In a non-emergency, you can contact the police by phoning 101.

If you're concerned about child sexual exploitation or want more information, you can contact a 24-hour helpline to get confidential advice and support:

Helpline Number: 0800 389 1701

Other Useful Child Sexual Exploitation Links:

Useful Early Years, Parenting and Educational Contacts (A-Z): 


Support, Training and Advice in promoting early years childcare through the medium of Irish.

Belfast Office - 028 9033 2517 

Derry Office - 028 7136 3703 

Email: eolas@altram.org

Web: www.altram.org

Childcare Partnerships

Information and Support to Childcare Providers, Parents and Employers.  Support for Childcare Providers includes: training, quality improvement, business development, networking support, access to funding and advice.

Belfast Childcare Partnership Training Office – 028 9536 3022

Northern Childcare Partnership Training Office – 028 9536 2572 (Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9.15 am – 2.15 pm. Outside of these hours, please contact the Western Childcare Partnership Training Office on 028 9536 1042)

South Eastern Childcare Partnership Training Office – 028 9536 3022

Southern Childcare Partnership Training Office – 028 9536 2004

Western Childcare Partnership Training Office – 028 9536 1042

Web: childcarepartnerships.hscni.net

CnaG (Comhairle naGaelscolaíochta) 

CnaG is the representative body for Irish-medium Education, which was set up in 2000 by the Department of Education to promote, facilitate and encourage Irish-medium Education.

Comhairle na Gaelscolaíochta

Westgate House

4 Queen Street



Tel: 028 9032 1475

Web: comhairle.org

Early Years Organisation

Early Years – The Organisation for Young Children are working to promote high quality childcare for 0-12 year olds.  They offer a range of projects, services and training for Playgroup and Daycare staff, parents and those working with children.

Headquarters: 028 9066 2825

Email:  info@early-years.org

Web :  www.early-years.org

Early Years Teams

There are teams based in each of the 5 Health and Social Care Trusts in Northern Ireland.  They are responsible for registering, approving and inspecting childcare providers.If you have any queries or concerns about a registered childcare provider, or are interested in becoming a registered childcare provider, contact your nearest team

Education Authority

The EA is sponsored by the Department of Education to ensure efficient and effective primary and secondary education services throughout Northern Ireland.  They also support the provision of youth services to young people.  This responsibility previously lay with the now dissolved Education and Library Boards.  If you are interested in applying for a pre-school, primary or secondary school place, transferring between schools, or for information on free school meals/uniform allowance, etc. check their website for further information, or contact your local office.

Ballymena Office - 028 2565 3333 

Armagh Office: 028 3751 2200

Belfast Office : 028 9056 4000

Dundonald Office: 028 9056 6200

Omagh Office: 028 8241 1411

Email: info@eani.org.uk

Web: www.eani.org.uk

Employers For Childcare

Employers For Childcare works directly with parents through our Family Benefits Advice Service and for parents through our research, policy and lobbying work. We administer a free telephone helpline and an outreach service providing free, confidential and impartial advice. Our core aim is to support parents – making it easier for them to get into work, and to stay in work – by addressing the barrier that a lack of affordable childcare presents to working parents. We also deliver innovative recruitment solutions for Childcare Providers. We strongly believe that all children, parents and childcare providers should have access to an affordable and accessible childcare infrastructure.

Tel: 028 9267 8200

Email: hello@employersforchildcare.org

Web: www.employersforchildcare.org

E.T.I (Education and Training Inspectorate)

The E.T.I carry out independent inspections and help with policy advice for the Department of Education. They carry out inspections in various education and youth settings in Northern Ireland, such as Pre-Schools, Primary Schools, Post-Primary Schools and Youth Centres.

You can view information and inspection reports regarding the quality of education and youth provision on their website.

Tel: 028 9127 9726

Email: eti@education-ni.gov.uk

Web: www.etini.gov.uk

NICIE (Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education)

NICIE promote and support integrated education in Northern Ireland.  Integrated education brings together children from across the religious divide in Northern Ireland.

Children from different religious backgrounds are educated together, aiming to build towards a prosperous and peaceful society.

Telephone: 02890 972910

Email: admin@nicie.org.uk

Web: www.nicie.org

NICCY (Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People)

NICCY promote the rights of children and young people across Northern Ireland.  They offer support, advice or assistance as appropriate to parents, carers, children and young people in relation to childrens' rights and complaints about the services they receive or the way they are treated.

Tel: 028 9031 1616

Email: info@niccy.org

Web: www.niccy.org

NICMA (Northern Ireland Childminding Association) 

The Northern Ireland Childminding Association was established in 1984.  NICMA’s purpose is ‘To promote quality home based childcare & learning for the benefit of children, families and communities’.  A membership organisation - they provide advice and support, and actively promote high quality home based childcare across Northern Ireland.

Tel: 028 9181 1015

Email: info@nicma.org

Web: nicma.org   

Parenting Focus

Provide free, confidential support and guidance to parents on parenting issues through a Freephone Parents Helpline or Online Web Chat. 

Also support parents through Parents’ Counselling, Parenting Forum and Parenting Programmes.  Listens to the needs of parents and works towards ensuring parents views inform policy, practice and public opinion.

Helpline: 0808 8010 722

Tel: 028 9031 0891

Email: info@parentingni.org

Web: ParentingFocus.org


PlayBoard, established in 1985, is an independent charity and the lead organisation for the development and promotion of children and young people’s play in Northern Ireland.

PlayBoard are a membership organisation, who work in partnership with others to put play on the agenda of policy makers and resource providers and who work to promote best practice in Play and Playwork.

Head & Registered Office

7 Crescent Gardens




Tel: 028 9080 3380

Email: info@playboard.co.uk

Web: www.playboard.org 

SENAC (The Special Educational Needs Advice Centre)

SENAC is a charity which offers independent, specialist advice and advocacy on Special Educational Needs provision in Northern Ireland. SENAC supports parents / carers so they can access appropriate education provision for their child.

SENAC can assist with understanding the legal framework, writing letters, IEPs, annual reviews, statementing and the transition to secondary school. Where suitable, they can attend meetings with the school and Education Authority.

SENAC also have an education advocate specifically for children and young people in the care system.

Advice line: 028 9079 5779 (Mon, Tues & Weds from 10am – 1pm)

Email: info@senac.co.uk

Web: www.senac.co.uk 

Sure Start

Sure Start is a Government funded initiative, targeting children less than four years old. The overall aim is to “improve the well-being and life opportunities of young children under four, through better health, childcare and educational opportunities”, so that “children can flourish when they enter school”.

Each Sure Start programme has identified and implemented specific projects to suit the needs of the local community, therefore each Sure Start is different and unique.

Sure Start projects are available in disadvantaged areas across Northern Ireland.  To find out if Sure Start projects are available in the area you live, you should contact your nearest Sure Start

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