Universal Credit Claimants :- Financial Assistance for Out of Schools Provision

Students wearing back packs going back to school

Some ‘Out of Schools’ provision is NOT listed on Family Support NI (because it is registered/inspected by the Education Authority) – however a Universal credit claimant may receive help towards costs for out of school clubs

Universal Credit guidance states that if a claimant uses childcare provided by a school it must be:

  • provided by or under the direction of the person responsible for managing the school, or a Health and Social Care Trust (HSCT).
  • on school premises that may be inspected as part of a school inspection 
  • out of school hours by a school as part of the school activities

A Universal credit claimant can receive help towards costs for out of school clubs.  However the onus is on the claimant to provide legitimate evidence that meets the verification requirements set out below :-

Providing, the mandatory requirement, that the childcare provider is verified (as above), claimants can submit handwritten receipts which include the following information :-

  • Childcare Provider Name
  • Childcare Provider Full Address
  • The school’s DENI reference number
  • Parent or Carer Name
  • Parent or Carer Address
  • Child(ren) Name(s)
  • Paid Amounts for each child
  • Period of childcare costs start date
  • Period of childcare costs end date
  • Date actual payment made
  • Signed and dated by Childcare Provider

Last Updated: 23/11/2023