Healthy Start Scheme

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Healthy Start
Healthy Start

Many families in Northern Ireland who are eligible for the Healthy Start Scheme, which provides vouchers to help buy food and milk, are not availing of it.

You can access up to £442.00 per year and can get it from the point of pregnancy to when your child is four years old. 

The details on applying are here:

Other Useful Links :-

Please see link to Overpayments of benefits and financial support | nidirect page added to the Cost of Living | nidirect page under ‘help with other costs’.

This takes the customer into the information on benefit overpayments, what to do if they have difficulty repaying and includes information about waivers. This page can then link them to the Debt Management contact page and to contact details for independent advice.

Information on the Universal Credit Contingency Fund Finance Support | nidirect and the  Adviser Discretion Fund (ADF) | nidirect can also be accessed from the Cost of Living page.

The Universal Credit landing page Universal Credit | nidirect also has links to all the above information.

**NB The Adviser Discretion Fund is particularly important in supporting parents on Universal Credit with their upfront childcare costs.

Last Updated: 19/07/2023