Latest DoH COVID19 Guidance for Childcare Providers & Parents of Children in Childcare

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Latest Childcare Guidance for Group Settings at 26 March 2021

Updated Department of Health Guidance for Childcare Providers :-

The change to these versions are at paragraph 14 in the Guidance for Childminders, and paragraph 25 in the Guidance for Group Settings, and states that singing should not take place indoors.

This precautionary approach reflects the more infectious nature of the new COVID-19 variant, and is in line with the advice offered to primary schools.

Guidance for Childminders 26 March 2021 (PDF Downloadable)

Guidance for Childcare Settings 26 March 2021 (PDF Downloadable)

Childcare Providers - This guidance will be factored into HSC Trust inspections. Please take time to familiarise yourself with both of the documents, and share them with the parents of all children in your care.  

Please note that this guidance will be updated regularly, so Childcare providers should consult the FSNI website at regular intervals for information and advice. 

Find latest Training here: Training Resources for Childcare Providers

HMRC are asking REGISTERED Childcare Providers to help working parents with their childcare costs by signing up to Tax-Free Childcare :-

Information Leaflet (PDF Downloadable)  

Letter from the Chief Medical Officer, Dr Michael McBride, to all parents and carers of children in childcare (PDF Downloadable)

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Last Updated: 26/03/2021