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Extended schools programme

The Department of Education’s extended schools programme aims to improve levels of educational achievement for disadvantaged children and young people by providing the additional support that they might need to help them reach their full potential.

Background to the extended schools programme

Launched in May 2006, over £100 million of funding has been provided through the extended schools programme over the last ten years. The funding allows those schools serving the most disadvantaged areas to offer a wide range of services or activities outside of the normal school day to help meet the learning and development needs of pupils, their families and local communities.

Extended schools activities

Extended schools activities are designed to support learning, raise school standards and promote healthy lifestyles, enabling schools to work closely with members of the wider community and connect local people with local services. Some examples include

  • breakfast or homework clubs
  • sport
  • art
  • drama
  • ICT
  • programmes for parents and families
  • community use of school premises

List of Extended Schools 16 17

Extended Schools Programme 2016/17

  • Extended Schools Programme 2016/17
Extended Schools Programme 2016/17